Thermal Reclaimed Resin Sand Content Image


Alan Beckwith Macbro produces a resin coated sand from thermally reclaimed sand. The reclaimed sand exhibits unique properties due to the changes that the sand grains have undergone during reclaiming.

The reclaiming process changes the crystal morphology of the sand grain, resulting, in a sand that undergoes significantly less expansion than normal silica sand which is subject to rapid expansion during casting, which results in thermal cracking of moulds, cores and expansion defects on castings. The process also produces a cleaner product enabling lower resin additions to be used to attain equal strengths.

The resultant resin coated product gives superior benefits in the area of OH&S, cost, environmental performance and quality.


The unique properties of Macbro Thermal Reclaimed Resin Sands make it ideally suited to difficult casting applications, thin walled, complex and intricate castings, and particularly suitable for jobs that are prone to thermal cracking and thermal expansion defects.

The unique properties also make it ideal for the production of stronger, crack resistant shell moulds, particularly useful for those large, heavier moulds.

As higher strengths are achieved using reduced resin contents, less emissions and gases are given off during mould and core manufacturing and during casting.




Thermally reclaimed sand is good for the environment, the reclaiming of spent foundry sand helps the environment in that we don't have to mine new sand, and the need to dump used sand into diminishing landfills is significantly reduced.

Cleaner sands that require lower resin additions result in lower fume emissions, both at the manufacture and casting stages, which result in a cleaner, healthier working environment for your employees.